Som Thai
The Best Authentic Thai Restaurant In Broome,WA

About Us

Som Thai Restaurant is one of the finest and oldest resutaurant located in broome, WA. We have been serving delicious authentic thai food to our customers since 1983. It's been build upon one of the oldest and historical bulidings in broome, as we belive it's our duty to preserve the national heritage. Our focus is to provide excellent service paired with quality and ethnic Thai food, We always thrive to create an attractive and diverse menu.

Experience Thailand without leaving B  roome

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Peak Season
Mon-Fri 11AM-2PM


7 Nights/week

Peak Season(01 May - 31 Sep)*
Experience Thailand without leaving Broome

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Address: 5 Napier Terrace, Broome WA 6725, Australia
phone: +61 8 9192 6186